RCA Compatible EBOX

Despite the progression of audio connectors in today’s world, many companies still rely on the stable and consistent RCA format.

ICOP Technology continues to provide a wide range of support for legacy connectors without compromising necessary functions.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., Mar. 14, 2018 – ICOP Technology is announcing the release of the RCA compatible EBOX available for purchase at the start of April, 2018. ICOP has implemented RCA connectivity to help customers continue their business without needing to overhaul their existing broadcasting system.

Despite advancements in technology, RCA connected audio systems are still prevalent in many industries and in-store retailers. ICOP’s RCA EBOX solution allows businesses to provide a more personalized and consistent experience to their listeners. Using the low-power, high-efficiency Vortex86 EX CPU, this EBOX will reduce potential network traffic compared to current popular streaming platforms and ensures that playback will not be interrupted by external network factors. The solution would store media locally and/or on a cloud-based server that can be accessed internally allowing for a dependable broadcast system in a compact form factor. By utilizing this solution, whether it be for music or in-store announcements, the interruptions of advertisements or slowing down of other business functions such as the processing of transactions can be avoided.

Businesses and in-store music providers are recognizing the drawbacks of relying on music streaming solutions; ICOP Technology is stepping in to provide an efficient and reliable answer to these problems all enclosed in a compact yet time-tested design.